Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paid Survey Work

A lot of paid surveys web sites are completely useless , as a matter of fact a walloping eighty-five percent of the internet sites that I have tested will take you a long time to reclaim the small expenditure you pay to join for the survey lists and you'll never be able to earn decent money from home with these sites that would allow you to do anything serious, like paying off your bills or saving for your next vacation. You can forget about quitting your job doing paid survey work as your chief source of revenue.  It is a genuine disgrace that the world is so chock-full of dishonest people willing to scam honest hard working individuals like you and I out of our hard earned income

Nevertheless please notice that I did say "a lot these web sites", not all. I have been able to discover a couple of paid survey sites that work and can have you earning rewards from the comfort of your own home If you are able to develop your judgment about the outrageous claims made by these internet sites and screen their offers about bringing in up to $2000 a week and plan for a more honest amount of money, say five hundred dollars or other types of rewards, and then you'll wind up pleasantly amazed with what you receive. It can take a lot of time and money for you to find some actual functioning sites, so to alleviate you from wasting time or money, I chose to publish this article on the matter and show people my suggested websites that are guaranteed to work.  One of the companies I really like is the National Brand Survey Panel.  They offer surveys related to consumer brand choices for big name companies. Here are a few of thier current surveys:

These are big companies and they value your opinion and will compensate you for your time.  All that is required is an email address. So remember that when you are searching for a way earn some extracash or rewards for paid survey work beware of the outrageous claims and look for a program that does not require money up front.